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Chocolate Babka

30.00 ₪

Our Decadent Chocolate Babka.

Braided Challah

15.00 ₪

Classic Braided Challah with Sessame Seeds

Classic Challah with a crumb streussel topping


10.00 ₪

A perfect throwback to shul kiddush.

Whole Wheat Braided Challah with Sesame Seeds

Challah Roll

5.00 ₪

Classic Challah Roll

Spelt Challah

15.00 ₪

A 450-gram Round Challah made with 100% Spelt Flour

Marble Cake

30.00 ₪

Our Marble Cake has a ripple of Fudge Through the Middle

A perfect addition to your Shabat table!

Almond Croissant


12.00 ₪

Our dairy almond croissant takes our butter croissant to a whole new level.

NEW!!! Our spelt challot now come in rolls as well!

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 results