Delivery IN the Gush Sunday – Thursday

Events at Pat Bamelach

Pickling Workshop. Sold Out.

Join our pickling workshop this week.
Dikla will be showcasing technique, skills and recipes to make and pickle your own vegetables at home.
The workshop costs 100 shekel and you’ll go home with three jars of pickled veggies — that you’ve made!
Spaces are limited.
Call to reserve your space today! 995-3948.

Friday pop up!

I am so excited to announce our Friday Pop-Up at Pat BaMelach in Efrat. Come check out Sima from Navon Naturals. Daniella Faye is bringing her spring collection to the store. Susie Lubell will be bringing her art work our way. Tamara Zuckerman will be bringing one-of-a-kind and handcrafted art. Tamar Schriger and Esther Brueckheimer Salomon will be selling their jewelry and crafts. We’ve got a few surprises in store as well! So come, buy your challot, drink a great cup of coffee and support some excellent artists and artisans.

Mother-Daughter Workshop

We’re so excited to be welcoming Rebbetzin Chana Reichman back with her mother-daughter Bat Mitzvah trip.

women's Beit Midrash. Olim Event

We’re thrilled to be hosting the Women’s Beit Midrash at the bakery. Join for an evening of Torah, Food & Shmooze.

Reservations required. Aliza 050-9938125.

Due to changes with our website we are temporarily unable here to take orders – please either call the store (+972-2-5020262) between 07:30-16:00 (Israel Time) or contact us on whatsapp +972-58-4995394

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נא להיות בקשר ישיר טלפון:025020262 בין השעות 07:30-16:00 

 או ב- Whatsapp 0584995394