Gift Baskets

90.00 ₪ - 300.00 ₪

90.00 ₪

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1. Crackers and Dips - 90 shekel
A selection of our spelt crackers along with three of favorite dips. A perfect centerpiece.

2. Breakfast Basket -  150 shekel
Two butter croissants, sliced spelt sticks, seedloaf, homemade jam, herbed butter. Makes for a stunning and delicious breakfast.

3. Brunch Basket -  250 shekel
A dozen bagels, veggie platter, cheese platter, homemade jam, butter cookies, spice cookies. This just shouts… take me on a picnic.

4. Coffee Break - 200 shekel
Four assorted muffins, four assorted danishes, spice cookies, butter cookies, biscotti and our reusable coffee cup

5. Home Sweet Home - 300 shekel
Four donuts, homemade granola, lemon meringue pie, 2 craft beers.
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